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19th Annual Splash-In
Sat. & Sun. 9/18-19/2021

One of the highlights of the year for the Indiana Seaplane Pilots Association is the annual Pokagan State Park Indiana Seaplane Fly-In, held every year in September.

Join us!  For details, click here.

Indiana Seaplane Pilots Fly-In, Lake James, IN2020 Fly-In
Saturday & Sunday,

Donate for Indiana Seaplane Access

To help increase access to Indiana waterways, donate to SPA's Indiana Seaplane Access Fund, through the SPA Foundation.

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Listen to ISPA president, Randy Strebig interviewed on:

Click to visit Flightline Radio home page (opens in new window) Flightline Radio Interview (pop-up player)
Click to visit Ultraflight Radio home page (opens new window) Ultraflight Radio Interview, 2/3/09 (.mp3)

The Indiana Seaplane Pilots Association is dedicated to protecting the water flying rights of all seaplane pilots by minimizing restrictions and opening new waters, educating the public about seaplanes, their safety and utility, promoting the safe and neighborly use of seaplanes, and improving the safety of seaplanes across Indiana.

The INSPA also holds events and performs advocacy on behalf of seaplane pilots in the state of Indiana.

One popular favorite event is the annual Pokagan State Park Indiana Seaplane Fly-In, held every year in September.

To apply for membership, click here.

To learn details of the Fly-In, click here.

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    • E-mail them to us, along with a note telling us that you have rights to the images and give us permission to use them.  Thanks!

Indiana Seaplane Pilots Association
Contact:  Randy Strebig
President, Indiana Seaplane Pilots Association

Photo credit: Banner photo by Tero Lähdesmäki, used with permission.