Fly-In Procedures

Fly-In Procedures
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As our annual Otsego Splash-In event grows we need to maintain a
friendly set of rules to make it SAFE and FUN for everyone.

Please observe the following rules as you enjoy this year's Splash In.

We would welcome any suggestions you might have along this line.

  • Use a left hand pattern for all operations unless briefed otherwise.

  • Restrict all landing and takeoff operations to 500 feet from all shores.

    • The only exception is during contests as briefed.
  • Keep your radio on and tuned to the Advisory frequency (123.3)

    • Use your eyes.  We usually have several no radio planes.
  • NO recreational flying during contests.  If you must depart during a contest, get a briefing from the contest chairman.

  • No high power departures from the beach area.

    • Push off and use minimum power until clear of the beach.
  • AMPHIBS AT RAMP:  Cut power as soon as on level ground and push (with help) to parking.  To launch, push to ramp and idle into the water and continue to use minimum power until you are away from beach.

    • If no one is around to help you move your plane, just ask.
  • All planes parked in the water must be secured with an anchor or ground stakes.

    • Please respect each others' parking spots as you return from flying events.
  • No commercial ride operations during contests.  Anyone offering commercial rides must register and show proof of commercial liability insurance, and commercial pilots license.

  • Land plane pilots:  We know you want to join us, but for safety's sake, please remain clear of the Splash-In area. 

    • If you want to make a wheel/water landing, we will watch.
  • QUIET TIME in the park and beach area is from 11:30 P.M. until 7:00 A.M.


Strive to do the best you can, and then do a little better.


  • For more information about the
    Midwest Seaplane Pilots Association, Otsego Lake Splash-In LLC, or the annual fly-in itself, contact